Rebels Part 2 – The Rebel Chronicles

Written by VapSelect’s Sherwin Edwards and narrated by Ghost Vapor, Bang presents The Rebel Chronicles, a saga of myth and legend set in a dystopian future told through a rebel channel called BANG:TV.

The saga walks through juices of the line, and gives a colorful description of each juice. This is a vision of the future that is actually playing out today.

BANG:TV (Episode 1) Introduction
BANG:TV (Episode 2) Welcome
BANG:TV (Episode 3) Shotgun – Crimango
BANG:TV (Episode 4) Bull’s Eye – Suckers
BANG:TV (Episode 5) Final Chapter

The third and final installment in this blog series will include a review of the Bang juice line by Ghost Vapor, the written form of the story, and more about our advocacy work. Till next time!

Yours Sincerely,
Sherwin Edwards

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