Rebels Part 1 – An Advocacy Story

The year is 2547 A.D. In a post-apocalyptic era, the earth has been ravaged by man with his desire for excess.

New lands, seas, deserts and mountain ranges have emerged and the earth is in perpetual limbo; neither in night or day.

Mans’ only remaining pleasure in these dark days is vaping. Through the devastation to the earth, new treasures are sought – the most precious and prized of all: The Vaporized Soul Crystals. With these crystals the finest juice could be mixed…

This is the beginning of a story written a few years ago that changed the course of my life.

A friend approached me, wanting to start an advocacy juice line. Up till that point, I hadn’t been involved in vaping advocacy, but things were getting to such a dire point that if something didn’t change, our homegrown industry would crumble under the weight of bad politics and bad science.

This friend had written a story and wanted me to read it. “Sure” I said, “I’ll read it, but I doubt I’ll get involved. What can I do to affect change?”

The story is mythical/fantasy themed. It takes place in a dystopian future, where brave men and women battle corruption with top quality vapes.

I was blown away by my friend’s story! It was so inventive, and sparked a new-found desire to get involved in the fight for consumer vaping rights.

With that initial spark, we crafted a line of naturally-flavored e-liquids called the “Rebel Series” by Bang.

Down in Crystal City there is something stirring, something in the underground, a rebellion is rising, get involved, get on board, be there! – It’s going to go off with a BANG!!

The masses hear the call to arms, the people feel the time is right to act now. Together they will stand, together they will fight. Together they will be as one against the oppressor.

Each juice in the line has a well-rounded flavor profile using all-natural ingredients. Our customers have come to rely on our clean, pristine blends, and The Rebel Series is no different.

A portion of each sale from The Rebel Series by Bang goes to our advocacy work. Your contribution by purchasing Bang products helps us lobby the government for vaping consumer rights. As a consenting adult, we feel it’s your right to choose whether to vape.

We’ve been making some real in-roads, but need your support to continue the fight for vaping freedom.

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Keep reading if you wish to follow The Rebel Series chronicles. This is only the introduction to the story, and I think you’ll enjoy reading it. Who knows, it may just inspire you as well!

Yours Sincerely,
Sherwin Edwards

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