We would like to reassure you about our vaping products following reported deaths in the USA linked to vaping.

Based on the latest evidence from Health Canada, no similar cases have been identified in Canada. In the USA, inspectors state these well-publicized cases are related to “BLACK MARKET” vaping products with THC added.

It has been widely reported that Vitamin E acetate may be the cause of “vape lung” found in these illnesses. Vitamin E acetate is not used in nicotine vape juice. It is used in illicit THC vape cartridges. To be clear, there is no Vitamin E acetate in any of our products whatsoever.

As a producer of E-liquids, VapSelect guarantees that all products made in our laboratory meet industry-standard ISO protocols.

For our E-liquids customers, please note that all of our labels list 100% of the ingredients on the side of the bottles. At this time, there is no law that compels us to list these ingredients. We do this to ensure that all our clients are aware of what they are getting with our products.

According to Health Canada, vaping is still a very good alternative to quit smoking!

Read the Health Canada Press Release we used as a source for this message – (English) (French)

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