Rebels Part 2 – The Rebel Chronicles

Written by VapSelect’s Sherwin Edwards and narrated by Ghost Vapor, Bang presents The Rebel Chronicles, a saga of myth and legend set in a dystopian future told through a rebel channel called BANG:TV. The saga walks through juices of the line, and gives a colorful description of each juice. This is a vision of the future that is actually playing out today.

Rebels Part 1 – An Advocacy Story

This is the beginning of a story written a few years ago that changed the course of my life. A friend approached me, wanting to start an advocacy juice line. Up till that point, I hadn’t been involved in vaping advocacy, but things were getting to such a dire point that if something didn’t change, our homegrown industry would crumble under the weight of bad politics and bad science. This friend had written a story and wanted me to read it. “Sure” I said, “I’ll read it, but I doubt I’ll get involved. What can I do to affect change?”