About VapSelect

VapSelect is a Canadian company founded in 2011 and is recognized as one of the industry pioneers in the province of Quebec. Our dazzling success is due to our philosophy: it’s all about quality and affordability. That’s what sets us apart in the market.

Since 2012, VapSelect has offered Premium Crystal E-Liquids and hardware to the Canadian retail marketplace.

The e-liquids sold on our website and in-store are manufactured by us, so you can always expect premium quality juice! We produce clean & natural flavor profiles for all-day vapors!

We have special unique formulas that are produced and blended with care in our ISO GMP standard Laboratory, in order to maintain the highest possible quality and flavour profiles. Using only USP Kosher Grade 99.9% VG and PG, pure naturally derived Pharma Grade nicotine and the finest concentrate flavourings, tested in HPLC Laboratory conditions, to insure a Vaping experience like no other.

All of our Liquids are FREE of Diacetyl 1-2-3, Pentanedione and Aceton. We guarantee that the quality of our juice lines are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.

The owner and founder of VapSelect, Mr. Sherwin Edwards, has been a strong advocate defending the industry on many levels. Sherwin is always active trying to defend the rights of consumers & their rights to full access of information.

2011 – Founder of VapSelect and V.S. Laboratories.
2017 – Created an official federal Parliamentary petition against Bill S-5 (collected 10,000 signatures) in opposition to the bill presented to the house of commons March 2018.
2018 – Invited by the Parliamentary committee on Bill S-5 to clarify the opposition to this bill, representing 10,000 voices of Canadians.

This company is made up of an incredibly dynamic and dedicated team who give themselves, body and souls to offer the best service to our customers. It is our priority, and we offer a personalized service to each one of you. Our objective is to support smokers who wants to quit this bad habit that ruins their health, introducing them to an effective alternative that has proven itself and is 95% less harmful than cigarettes (in reference to the Royal College of Physician research in the UK).

Your success is our greatest concern. By shopping at VapSelect, you will become a friend, a member of this great family, not just a customer! Feel free to contact us at anytime and Vape on!